GMiner features:

  1. Watchdog (Automatically restarts the miner in case of errors or loss of connection)
  2. Failover pools (Automatically connects to secondary pools if the main pool is not available, support unlimited number of secondary pools)
  3. Energy Efficiency Calculator (Shows the energy consumption of each GPU, Sol/W)
  4. SSL stratum connections support (selectively)
  5. Works on Windows and Linux.

What is GMiner?

GMiner is a well-known miner that is in demand in the community. Its main advantage lies in the support of many algorithms and, accordingly, cryptocurrencies.W
as released on September 21, 2018 and was warmly received by users. Thanks to unique developments and stability in just six months,
the miner has become a favorite of Equihash algorithms.
GMiner is created by a Russian team of experts in high-performance computing and cryptography. GMine
r is focused on NVIDIA and AMD platforms and supports the most popular algorithms such as: Ethash, ProgPoW, KAWPOW, Equihash, CuckooCycle. GMiner maintains a leading position in the mining of such coins as Beam, Grin, Cortex, Bitcoin Gold. In 2020, the miner added support for Ethash, ProgPoW and KAWPOW algorithms with high performance relative to competitors. The development team never stops there and achieves maximum performance of algorithms with minimal energy consumption, these qualities distinguish GMiner among competitors and win the hearts of users.

Releases (Change log)


  • improved auto-tune for LHR GPUs, now miner speedup performance when GPU is steady
  • removed –lhr_tune1 / –lhr_tune2 parameters, use –lhr_tune to tune LHR GPUs (value range is -10 – 10, old parameters ignored for compatibility)
  • display current –lhr_tune value and current kernel in statistics table


  • added auto-tune for LHR GPUs (enabled by default, to disable pass –lhr_autotune 0)
  • fixed RavenCoin support under Windows 7
  • increased reconnect tries on connection loss (–reconnect_count)
  • improved miner stability


  • detect lock of LHR GPUs, automatically unlock and continue mining
  • display of miner restart count by watchdog


  • partial LHR cards unlock without additional power consumption
  • use –lhr 1 to force enable unlock for RTX 3060 V1
  • use –lhr_tune1/lhr_tune2 to tune unlock parameters, positive values increase performance, negative values decrease probability of lock
  • miner requires latest Nvidia drivers(470+), to update Nvidia drivers under Hive OS run “nvidia-driver-update” command in terminal


  • improved KAWPOW (Ravencoin) performance under Linux on Nvidia GPUs
  • added AMD implementation for KAWPOW (Ravencoin)
  • improved compatibility with Ethash pools


  • fixed floating hashrate reporting (appeared in v2.64)


  • performance improvements for Ethash on Nvidia GPUs(20 and 30 series) under Linux (RaveOS, HiveOS, MMPOS and others)
  • fixed zombie mode for Ravencoin


  • fixed periodic miner restarts under Linux


  • fixed support RX6700/6800/6900 under Linux (“OpenCL initialization failed” error)
  • fixed –cclock failure for RX6700/6800/6900 under Windows
  • disable computer sleeping while mining under Windows
  • improved compatibility with minerstat


  • display pool hashrate for all supported algorithms
  • added CPU share check for all supported algorithms
  • updated API web interface: display pool hashrate, core clock and morery clock
  • added compatibility with Windows 11
  • removed algorithms: BitTube, Swap


  • added display of pool hashrate estimated by accepted shares
  • fixed freezing on DAG generation on AMD GPUs on some drivers
  • support latest AMD drivers


  • fixed miner startup crash when running from non ascii path (Windows)
  • improved compatibility with older Linux distributives
  • bug fixes and stability improvements


  • display memory temperature for Nvidia cards under Windows (if GPU support it)
  • display memory temperature for AMD cards Windows and Linux (if GPU support it)
  • removed cuckatoo31/cuckatoo32 algorithms


  • lock core clock feature for Nvidia GPUs under Windows and Linux (–lock_cclock)
  • resolve domain names even with broken system DNS settings
  • support SOCKS5 proxy (–proxy host:port)


  • generates valid DAG on higher OC modes
  • improved speed of DAG generation (up to 2x)

Supported algorithms:

  • Cuckaroo29/Cuckatoo31 (Grin) (Nvidia only)
  • Cuckoo29 (Aeternity) (Nvidia only)
  • Cuckaroo29s (Swap) (Nvidia only)
  • Equihash 96,5 (MinexCoin) (Nvidia only)
  • Equihash 144,5 (Bitcoin Gold, BitcoinZ, SnowGem, ZelCash) (Nvidia only)
  • Equihash 150,5 (BEAM) (Nvidia/Amd)
  • Equihash 192,7 (Zero, Genesis) (Nvidia only)
  • Equihash 210,9 (Aion) (Nvidia only)


Supported algorithmscommission
eth, ethash0.65%
etc, etchash0.65%
kawpow, rvn, ravencoin1%
cuckatoo32, grin322%
cuckoo29, aeternity2%
cuckatoo31, grin312%
cuckaroo29b, bittube4%
cuckaroo29s, swap2%